1. Magic Crusader [6:22]
  2. Journey Into The Darkness [5:15]
  3. Run Away [7:13]
  4. Falling Into The Black Hole [4:27]
  5. Cosmic Pirates [4:40] MP3 soundclip of Cosmic Pirates [3:00]
  6. Water Monster [6:41]
  7. There Is No Return [4:47]
  8. Star Dust [4:28]
  9. Falling Stars [6:04]
  10. Water Monster (Reprise) [6:26]

    Bonus track:
  11. Zoltar's Megamix [14:13]
Zoltar is a famous polish synthdance artist. He creates music in this genre with an inspiration from Koto, with a little touch of modern dance beats.

Press Information Every KOTO and LaserDance fan has to like it!! :)

2004. Johny8 First album from Zoltar shows lot of influences from Koto. But "Cosmic Pirates" is not a copy of oldschool sounds, Zoltar has his own, unique style - a mixture of classic synthdance with a touch of modern beats.
"Run Away" and "Water Monster" are the most energetic track from this CD. Also ambient tracks (04 and 08) are great example of fine synthdance music of today.

Synthdance Much better than the newest KOTO albums.

2006. Kicia / Poland