CD #1
  1. The Unparalleled Adventures Of Hans Pfaall [6:13]
  2. The Journal Of Julius Rodman [5:43]
  3. The Domain Of Arnheim [4:39]
  4. The Pit And The Pendulum [5:17]
  5. The Narrative Of A.G. Pym Of Nantucket [5:58]
  6. Landscape Garden [7:00] MP3 soundclip of Landscape garden [3:00]
  7. The Murders In The Rue Morgue [5:38]
  8. The Island Of The Fay [10:22]
    CD #2
  1. The Power Of Words [7:23]
  2. Mystification [4:20]
  3. Never Bet The Devil Your Head [8:43]
  4. An Extravaganza [5:40]
  5. Tales Of Ratiocination [6:47]
  6. The Stylus [6:53]
  7. The Longfellow War [6:42]
  8. E.A.P. Forever [6:07]
2CD set in digipak with 44 page booklet

Music about the dramatic and fantastic stories of Edgar Allan Poe written and performed by Mythos (Stephan Kaske) After 1.5 years of work Stefan Kaske aka Mythos finished his new concept album.
On 2 discs Mythos presents his musical version of more stories of drama and fantasy by Edgar Allen Poe. Like Alan Parsons 28! years ago with 'The Fall Of The Hous Of Usher' Mythos tells us with every track another story.
You really have to listen carefully to imagine the mystery behind the tales.
A great concept album that should be enjoyed while reading Edgar Allen Poe.

2004. Lothar Lubitz Over the years, the dyed-in-the-wool EM performer Stephan Kaske, a.k.a. Mythos, has been known to release very interesting music. He started his career as a keyboard player in a symphonic rock group (also named Mythos, in 1969!) and became an adept performer versed in many different styles of EM. As the years passed he made a name for himself as one of the most versatile musicians on the EM landscape. In his private studio he has produced some fifteen albums. Now, following a break of a few years, Kaske makes a most convincing return with a double CD dedicated to the works (CD 1) and life (CD 2) of the famous Anglo-American writer, Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849).
Kaske became very intrigued by the literary style of Poe, who, being an orphan, had to endure much hardship during his life of 40 years. Not surprisingly, these feelings found their expression in Poe’s mysterious, gloomy, and sometimes outright frightening stories.
For one and a half years, Kaske locked himself in his studio in Berlin and conceived these works. The results are highly original and melodic pieces of music.

The first CD contains eight tracks, which vary in length from 4:30 to 10+ minutes. To depict the drama in Poe’s stories, Kaske uses numerous distinctive samples (e.g., flutes, obscure brass sounds, vocoder like timbres).
In particular, the last track, "The Island of the Fay", is a real gem, with its subtle sequences, and its atmospheric and melodious lines reminiscent of TD’s 1980s style. CD 2 is just as powerful, in my opinion. Another eight tracks are present, and, once again, there are many impressive compositional feats.
This second CD features a whole set of both recognizable and relatively new sounds (voices and choirs, guitar like sounds). Nicely done are the tempo changes that occur within the same track ("The Power of Words"), which in my opinion, add to the surprise factor, thereby maintaining a firm grasp on the listener’s attention throughout the piece.
Sometimes the music leans towards a classical style ("The Stylus", including many string parts).
It is also bombastic, it features a plethora of percussion ("Never Bet the Devil Your Head"), and it contains some Oriental influences. But mainly these are very fine and gripping pieces of music, and they are extremely listener friendly.
The (somewhat Vangelis like) final track, "E.A.P Forever", provides this impressive and 'melodic rhythmic' double album with a magnificent ending.

This is a well deserved ‘My Choice’!

2005. Menno von Brucken Fock / De Amerikaanse dichter en schrijver Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) is vooral bekend geworden door zijn griezel- en detectiveverhalen, waarvan er verschillende zijn verfilmd. Zijn meest beroemde gedicht is zonder twijfel "The Raven" (1845), dat zich in één klap een cultstatus verwierf.
Mythos heeft zich door Edgar Allen Poe laten inspireren voor dit dubbel album. De melodien voeren je mee door de verschillende werelden gecreeerd door deze schrijver/dichter.
Subliem en Krachtig. Logisch en Mysterieus. Heerlijke muziek in een fraaie verpakking.

2005. Ronald Boortman / Holland