1. Decadence [5:20] MP3 soundclip of Decadence [2:30]
  2. A path less followed [6:02]
  3. Perfectly connected [5:37]
  4. Fields of infinity [5:33]
  5. Transformation [4:25] MP3 soundclip of Transformation [2:42]
  6. Destination nowhere [6:51]
  7. The contact [5:24]
  8. Kopenhaachen [6:28]
  9. There is a light [4:28]
  10. A new direction [5:52] MP3 soundclip of A new direction [2:30]
All tracks composed, performed & produced by Bjřrn Jeppesen.
Except for "Perfectly connected" and "Kopenhaachen" which were composed, performed and produced by Robert Schroeder-Trobor and Bjřrn Jeppesen.

Nattefrost is Bjřrn Jeppesen: All hard- and software synthesizers & vocoders.

Special guests:
Guitars on "Perfectly connected" and "Kopenhaachen" played by Phil Molto.
Vocoder on "A new direction" by Ute Stemmann

"Transformation" is the third album on the Groove Unlimited label by the Danish electronic musician Bjřrn Jeppesen, a.k.a. Nattefrost. With the first two CD’s "Absorbed In Dreams And Yearning" from 2006 and "Underneath The Nightsky" from 2007, Bjřrn gained rather a following with his fresh new look on electronic music.
Fine melodies, nice rhythms, Berlin School influenced sequences and ambientsounds with a certain "Scandinavian feeling" were the key elements of these two great records. His new album is called "Transformation". With this title, you might ask if Bjřrn transforms musically on this CD. No, this is (happily) not the case. But there is certainly some change noticeable in his music. This change means that Bjřrn explores the melodically side of his music some more on "Transformation". Therefore the music has become quite assessable and might appeal a lot of people.
It already starts with the really wonderful first track, "Decadence" with an excellent sequence, a soft rhythm and a superb solo. Jean Michel Jarre at his best greets here. This is also the fact on the outstanding "A Path less followed". Again, as was the fact on "Underneath The Nightsky", Robert Schroeder gives a hand by co-composing two tracks, "Perfectly Connected" and "Kopenhaachen" (the capitol of Jeppensen’s home country, Denmark). Phil Motlo plays some strong guitarparts on these compositions.
With "Transformation", Nattefrost is growing and that is not only a good thing for Bjřrn but also for electronic music in general.

Press Information "Transformation" is the third album on Groove Unlimited by Danish musician Bjřrn Jeppesen aka Nattefrost. Clocking at exactly 56 minutes, it offers ten melodic, up-tempo sequencer tracks, with Robert Schröder collaborating on two pieces.

"Decadence" is a great start with deep bass grooves, dynamic sequencing and a positive vibrating, Kraftwerk-like solo on top. I personally think it the best track on the album.
The following tracks of well rendered music contains a certain dance-like feel, synth-pop feel, which isn’t that strange as Bjorn also is part of the synth-pop band Carboneids. According to the style, "Fields of Infinity" could have been a track from his previous album "Underneath the Nightsky". "Destination Nowhere" is another fine piece, featuring almost rattling sequencing that slightly brings Jarre’s "Magnetic Fields" to mind.
I personally feel Robert Schröders guitar-work on "Kopenhaachen" isn’t really that fancy, but the vintage choirs and solo-voice on it are well done.
The tight-knitted sequencer driven "There is a Light" is another highlight, creating a great electronic vibe, after which the album closes more quietly with the warm choirs, textures and mid-sequencing of "A New Direction".

I have no doubt "Transformation" will be loved by many electronic music fans.

Bert Strolenberg / SonicImmersion Bjorn Jeppesen is back with Transformation, a new set of upbeat melodic EM tunes.

"Decadence" starts right off with an immediately infectious groove, full of fun synth sounds and a steady beat that pushes it along. What a great way to start.
"A Path Less Followed" is equally enjoyable, starting nice and easy. This and many other tracks on Transformation have a very Jarre-like flavor, in this case due to warm synth pads that rise and fall just so in the background. Various synths chirp and twitter along its path.
"Perfectly Connected" launches out of the gate with contagious energy, again filled out nicely with pads. Guitars courtesy of guest musician Phil Molto add just the right extra touch.
"Fields of Infinity" brings Jean-Michel to mind once more, with its bouncy rhythm and the light melodic touch on the synth solos.
The title track is another upbeat affair, with a slightly more relaxed feel. It ends with what must be a tribute to JMJ, sounding just like the train rushing down the tracks at the end of "Part 4" of Magnetic Fields.
And though "The Contact" doesn’t have such an obvious Jarre reference, it certainly sounds like one he could have made.

However, Transformation is not merely a knock-off or repeat of what has gone before; rather, it is an excellent homage to this sound and style, in fresh new arrangements done exceptionally well.

Phil Derby / Electroambientspace Dancing under stars, waltzing in cosmos. You will have both with Nattefrost 4th opus, its 3rd on Groove label. Following Underneath the Nightsky, the Scandinavian synthesist offers ten titles quite as melodic as rhythmic, in a very spacey atmosphere with his clever touch of old analog sound effects.

"Decadence" opens with a nervous beat. The sequences are intermingling like felted glockenspiels, melting on a groovy and heavy bass. A very upbeat track, like the title track, that fill this cosmic analog universe of catchy synth refrains crossing the Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre territories.
Another hooking one, A Path less Followed is moving in a kind of synth pop that grooves with the Nattefrost musical and sound touches. And this is the strength of Bjorn Jeppesen last opus; melody that stuff the ears on various rhythms with amazing cosmic arrangements.
Transformation offers rhythm, lot of rhythm, on a spiral and jolty sequences which merge to a synth with harmonious approaches, even when the beat is doubly accelerated, sometimes frantic, as we can hear on The Contact and There has Light.
Perfectly Connected resounds with strength on sequences even more frantic than on Decadence. A title as heavy as ‘’zombiesque’’ which floats in a cosmic universe while preserving a melodious structure, particularly because of Phil Molto’s guitar which strikes our ears again on the very beautiful Kopenhaachen, another superb title which breathes the presence of Robert Schroeder.
Transformation is an opus stuff of upbeat music. Progressive synth pop rich in hooking rhythms, melodious synth pads and fertile of variegated sound effects which embraces the EM antipodes.
An album which transcends the territories of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode (Nowhere Destination), Robert Schroeder and Jean Michel Jarre all while maintaining the so special Nattefrost touch, particularly on A Path less Followed, the very beautiful Fields off Infinity and A New Direction.

A pleasant surprise.

2008. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness This release from 2008 offers 56 minutes of lively electronic music.
Nattefrost is Bjorn Jeppesen. Joining him on a few tracks are: Phil Molto (on guitars), and Ute Stemmann (on vocoder). Two tracks feature contributions by Robert Schroedor-Trebor.

Bouncy electronics generate tunes of lively disposition. A bevy of tonalities generate lush foundations which are heavily seasoned with energetic keyboard melodies. Blooping diodes inject a quirky flavor that enhances the music’s overall dance factor without interfering with its serious character.
Keyboards produce chords that are looped into a constant presence, while nimble-fingered keys spawn energized riffs which serve to provide pulsating embellishment to the already hyper sonic tapestry.
Although some e-perc is used, rhythms are generally provided by utilizing electronic pulses, which effectively softens the sound of those tunes. Ah, but "soften" is a deceptive term, for the songs flourish with stamina and a vivacious buoyancy. The beats are sharp and crisp, bestowing a vigorous pep that is impossible to avoid. Vocoders are employed throughout, but not to provide lyrical content, manifesting instead as verbal punctuations buried in the mix.
These compositions are relatively short, between 4 and 6 minutes each, forcing each melody to do their thing without undue delays.

The result is a dose of tastily uptempo tracks that blossom with vitality and bewitching cadence. Each piece possesses a glittering aspect that is jovial and uplifting.

2008. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity Here we have the latest album from Danish electronic musician Bjorn Jeppesen aka Nattefrost, released by the Dutch EM label Groove Unlimited.

The first track "Decadence" starts with perfectly balanced resonant sequences. Soon, deep bass notes appear as well as subtle atmospheric sounds. A hi-hat rhythm appears, making the track more urgent and propulsive. Some German words follow before a very Kraftwerk-like melody (circa "Computer World") appears. To me this track sounds like an exciting mixture of Kraftwerk and the Berlin School.
"A Path Less Followed" follows with rich symphonic synths, all playing in a major mode, making this track very uplifting and bright. A crisp melody is heard as the sequences cast their melodic and playful spell. Once again, it's propulsive and focused EM. Bjorn certainly has his own recognizable style that is very hard to imitate. It's modern and yet has enough classic elements to satisfy even the most hardened of EM fans. It's also very urban-sounding if you know what I mean, but I could be influenced by the album's artwork here.
The resonant sequences from the first track return for "Perfectly Connected". This time, however, the sound is even more intense and saturated with sequences, various synthetic textures and melodic elements. This track is the first of the two that have participations from Robert Schroeder.
"Fields of Infinity" is downright dark, compared to the previous tracks. What we get here are growling bass sequences, some really tasty atmospheric pads, an electronic rhythm and mucho experimental bleepy sounds. Nice lead line as well. Again, stylistically it's somewhere on the line that separates Dusseldorf from Berlin. Bjorn has one leg in one city and the other in another and does both styles with equal ease.
The title track begins with moody sequencers and twittering effects. Soon, a reflective pad melody appears and a great vocoder voice. This is the perfect urban electronic track Kraftwerk never made! Everything is so good: the sequences, the melodies, the sounds.
"Destination Nowhere" starts with rather heavy distorted sequences that multiply in no time, resulting in an exciting electronic brew that will have your head nodding and your feet tapping to the groove. A mysterious melodic motif is heard. Once again, it's rich-sounding EM with a unique flavour.
Let's see what "The Contact" brings us. Upbeat, cheerful sequences give way for a repeated melody. However, the main attraction are of course the ubiquitous pulsations which are built in an elegant and flowing manner.
"Kopenhaachen" is a bit different. It's the second track with Robert Schroeder, and here the rhythm is much more restrained. Echoing guitar is heard as well as a melody, catchy as hell. This is much closer to mainstream melodic EM, but it's done with so much talent and emotion. Great track! And the sequences are tasty as ever.
"There Is A Light" makes that speed meter go up a few notches, with laser-rapid sequences and phased pads. Blistering cosmic lead line is heard, going up and down the scale. If this track had a dance beat, it could easily pass for a Trance / Goa number.
"A New Direction" begins with mysterious pads, a vocoded voice and a relaxed sequence, gradually coming into prominence. This is probably the closest this album ever gets to the Berlin School. Multiple pulsations wrap up the repeated melodies like a comfortable blanket. Mellotron choir appears to add that special "epic" touch. Another instant favourite! Wonderful celestial arpeggios add a bit of cosmic grandeur to this tasty composition.

Perhaps, owing a bit more to Kraftwerk than to the Berlin School artists, "Transformation" is a great album from an artist with an individual style.

2008. Artemi Pugachov / Russia Alba elektronického solitéra Bjorna Jeppesena alias Nattefrosta (neplést se stejn pojmenovanou black metalovou partou!) jsou jako kvalitativní stupínky sm rem vzh ru. Zatímco první album svou nová kovskou rozjukaností zapadlo do širokého retro pr m ru, lo ský následovník Underneath The Nightsky s p ehledem vyvál il postup do první ligy.

Letošní novinka Transformation hned od za átku reprodukce vyrá í retromilc m dech. Nekompromisní melodický tah na branku a nenápadné le funk ní rytmické inspirace sou asnými trendy, je jsou jen k dobru v ci zaúto í p edevším ve strhujících A Path Less Followed i Perfectly Connected. Vezm me sv tlé období p elomu 80 a 90. let legendy Tangerine Dream a p enesme jejich u vyjmenované trumfy do 21. století.

To je Nattefrost na b eznové novince. A i kdy druhá polovina u dovolí mírné vydechnutí po pevném stisku z kraje desky, m eme toho album vzít jako d kaz kredibility scény label jako Groove Unlimited i DiN vprost ed sou asného Babylonu sv tové elektronické scény.
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